City of Brandon

City Office:  115 Front Street

                            P. O. Box 137

                            Brandon, MN 56315




Mayor:  Doug Johnson 


Council Members:             Brandon City Council meetings are held the

Mary Lee Korkowski                        1st Monday of the month at 6:30p.m.                      

Mike Ranweiler

Roger Campbell

Brad Klossner

City Clerk/Treasurer:  Deb Grommesh                        

Office Assistant/Bookkeeper:  Karen Thoennes            

Maintenance Supervisor: Ryan Skillings

Part-Time Maintenance Personnel:  Terry Gillespie


Brandon Township Board:     
Meetings are held the 3rd Monday of the month,

  7 p.m. at the Senior Citizens' Center.                               

Supervisor A: Gene Fynboh,  13287 Tanglewood Rd NW, Brandon, MN
                           Appointed in 2011, Elected in 2012, Re-elected Nov. 2016
Supervisor B:  Kerby Lund, 14720 Co. Rd 82 NW, Brandon, MN 56315
                          Appointed in 2014, Elected Nov. 2016
Supervisor C: Dennis Lund, 10793 Big Chip Rd NW, Brandon, MN 56315
                         Elected Nov. 2016

Clerk:  Mike Cleary, 9630 Walleye Rd NW, Brandon, MN
                          Appointed January 1, 2017.
Treasurer:  Kathy Zimmerman, 10723 Big Chip Rd NW, Brandon, MN
                          Appointed  January 1, 2017

Township Office:    9630 Walleye Rd NW   
                                    Brandon, MN 56315
                                     Phone:   320-290-4490




Brandon Economic Development Authority

Board Members: 

Don Peschel

Dave Wolf

Mary Walter

Mary Lee Korkowski

Doug Johnson

Gary Suckow

Lisa Hynes
Deb Grommesh

EDA Office: 
115 Front St. (Old Brandon Communications Building)

                              P. O. Box 137

                              Brandon, MN 56315